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Sep 19

Memocode Design Contest 2013 Winner

IPM-HPC laboratory won the Memocode Design Contest 2013 for the third time. Our team not only defended its previous years rank in performance/cost class, but also we won the performance class. The 2013 problem for the MEMOCODE Design Contest was part of the stereo matching problem: Given a stereo image pair, the challenge was to infer the depth information for each pixel in the image.

Regarding to the email that we have received from the design Contest chair, there were 8 excellent solutions submitted to the contest this year, utilizing a range of algorithmic as well as system-level optimizations, targeting FPGA, GPU as well as multi-core platforms. The top performing solutions, including ours, were provided the judging image to help the judges in making the final decision.

Based on the run-time, cost, and inference accuracy, IPM Team’s solution has been selected as the all-around winner.

IPM-HPC Team members: Armin Ahmadzadeh, Hatef Madani, Kianoush Jafari,  Shervin Daneshpajouh, Saeid Gorgin

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