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High Performance Computing (HPC) center is a branch of computer school of Institute for Research  in fundamental Physics and Mathematics has been found in 2010. Its mission is to transform high performance knowledge and technology across the research centers and universities of our country (IRAN) through innovative solution and hi-tech technologies.

Since its founding through a grant from the IPM, HPC center has earned a reputation as a leading resource for high performance research and expertise, involving a broad range of studies ranging from the inner workings of the human body to the outer reaches of space.

Now HPC’s cluster as a first public cluster is available for Iranian students and researchers. The following software has been installed by HPC staff on HPC’s clusters for use by all users who have access to the individual clusters



Registration Form

Please read and fill the following form and send it to hpc{at}ipm.ir, to request access to HPC-Cluster. Download: Registration Form-1

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Matlab Gromacs Namd Gandi Amber Autodock Lammps

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