Weekly #4

HPE announced that it will acquire Cray, a global technology leader in high-end supercomputing for $1.3 billion.

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Cray has approximately 1,300 employees worldwide and delivered revenue of $456 million in its most recent fiscal year.

Cray???s supercomputing systems, delivered through their current generation XC and CS platforms, and next-generation Shasta series platform, have the ability to handle massive data sets, converged modeling, simulation, AI, and analytics workloads, said HPE. In addition to supercomputers, they offer high-performance storage, low-latency high performance HPC interconnects, a full HPC system software stack and programming environment, data analytics, and AI solutions ??? all currently delivered through integrated systems.

According to HPE, high performance computing is a key component of its vision and growth strategy and the company currently offers world-class HPC solutions, including HPE Apollo and SGI, to customers worldwide. This portfolio will be further strengthened by leveraging Cray???s foundational technologies and adding complementary solutions. The combined company will also reach a broader set of end markets, offering enterprise, academic and government customers a broad range of solutions and deep expertise to solve their most complex problems. Together, HPE and Cray will have enhanced opportunities for growth and the integrated platform, scale and resources to lead the Exascale era of high performance computing.