In keeping with our rich tradition spanning over ten years, we are thrilled to announce that we offer several summer internship positions in different research and industrial areas. To explore these exciting opportunities, please visit the following link for detailed project descriptions: Internship Projects.


IPM HPC Center was founded in 2008. This Laboratory is enjoying the membership of motivated and hardworking students from Iran’s top universities and it has been a pioneer in developing HPC high technologies in Iran.

What is HPC?

High-performance computing (HPC) enables users to solve complex, computationally demanding business, engineering and scientific problems through computer modelling, simulation and analysis. The applications used in HPC require high bandwidth, enhanced networking and robust computing capabilities.

In technical words, HPC generally refers to processing complex calculations at high speeds across multiple servers in parallel. Those groups of servers are known as clusters and are composed of hundreds or even thousands of compute servers that have been connected through a network.

Our Mission

Our centre’s mission is to deliver high-performance computational capabilities to the Iranian science and technology segments.  

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