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ipm-hpc published papers

Research Scope in IPM-HPC:
  • High-Performance Computing and Parallel Programming
  • Hardware Architecture and Accelerators
  • Theoretical Artificial Intelligence and Pathfinding
  • Machine learning applications and HPC
  • Hardware and Operating System Security
  • Scientific Computing

Fast AES Implementation: A High-throughput Bitsliced Approach O Hajihassani, SK Monfared, SH Khasteh, S Gorgin IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems

Generating High Quality Random Numbers: A High Throughput Parallel Bitsliced Approach SK Monfared, O Hajihassani, SM Zanjani, M Kiarostami, D Rahmati

Low-power and Reliable Solid-state Drive with Inverted Limited Weight Coding A Ahmadzadeh, O Hajihassani, P Taheri, SH Khasteh

Multi-Agent non-Overlapping Pathfinding with Monte-Carlo Tree Search MS Kiarostami, MR Daneshvaramoli, SK Monfared, D Rahmati, S Gorgin 2019 IEEE Conference on Games (CoG), 1-4

Decentralized Cooperative Communication-less Multi-Agent Task Assignment with Monte-Carlo Tree Search M Daneshvaramoli, MS Kiarostami, SK Monfared, H Karisani

A single layer fractional orthogonal neural network for solving various types of Lane–Emden equation AH Hadian-Rasanan, D Rahmati, S Gorgin, K Parand New Astronomy 75, 101307

Using Residue Number Systems to Accelerate Deterministic Bit-stream Multiplication K Givaki, R Hojabr, MH Najafi, A Khonsari, MH Gholamrezayi, S Gorgin 2019 IEEE 30th International Conference on Application-specific Systems

SkippyNN: An Embedded Stochastic-Computing Accelerator for Convolutional Neural Networks R Hojabr, K Givaki, SM Tayaranian, P Esfahanian, A Khonsari, D Rahmati Proceedings of the 56th Annual Design Automation Conference

A single layer fractional orthogonal neural network for solving various types of Lane–Emden equation, AH Hadian-Rasanan, D Rahmati, S Gorgin, K Parand New Astronomy 75, 101307

A low-power hybrid non-volatile cache with asymmetric coding O Hajihassani, A Ahmadzadeh, M Gavahi, M Raei, D Rahmati, S Gorgin

An Efficient Multi-core and Many-core Implementation of K-Means Clustering SG Saeid Rahmani, Armin Ahmadzadeh, Omid Hajihassani, Pooya Mirhosseini, ACM-IEEE International Conference on Formal Methods and Models for System

Papers published with ipm-hpc COLLABORATION

“A green complex film based on the extract of Persian Echium amoenumand zinc nitrate for mild steel protection in saline solution; Electrochemical and surface explorations besides dynamic simulation” Mehdi Tabatabaei majd, Ghasem Bahlakeh , Ali Dehghani b,
Bahram Ramezanzadeh
, Mohammad Ramezanzadeh, Journal of Molecular Liquids

“Adsorption  mechanism  and  synergistic  corrosion-inhibiting  effect between  the  green  Nettle  leaves  extract  and  Zn2+ cations  on carbon  steel” Mohammad Ramezanzadeha, Ghasem Bahlakehb, Bahram Ramezanzadeha,Zahra Sanaeia, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Two-leg ladder systems with dipole-dipole Fermion interactions Hamid Mosadeq and Reza Asgari 2018 J. Phys.: Condens. Matter

The use of space-splitting radial basis function generated finite differences (RBF-FD) technique to simulate the controlled synchronization of nonlinear complex spatio-temporal neural networks arising from brain activity modeling in epileptic seizures, Mohammad Hemami,… EABE

From Micelles to Vesicle and Membrane Structures of DoubleStrand Ionic Liquids in Water: Molecular Dynamics Simulation , Tahereh Ghaed-Sharaf, Ding-Shyue Yang,Steven Baldelli,and Mohammad Hadi Ghatee,  Article inLangmuir journal

Persian Liquorice extract as a highly efficient sustainable corrosion
inhibitor for mild steel in sodium chloride solution
E. Alibakhshi ,  M. Ramezanzadeh , S.A. Haddadi, G. Bahlakeh, B. Ramezanzadeh, M. Mahdavian , Journal of Cleaner Production

Use of Rosa canina fruit extract as a green corrosion inhibitor for mild
steel in 1 M HCl solution: A complementary experimental, molecular
dynamics and quantum mechanics investigation
Zahra Sanaeia, Mohammad Ramezanzadeha, Ghasem Bahlakehb,
Bahram Ramezanzadeh
a, Journal of Industrial and Engineering Chemistry

Sum frequency generation spectroscopy of tetraalkylphosphonium ionic liquids at the air–liquid interface
Chariz Peñalber-Johnstone, Gabriela Adamová, Natalia V. Plechkova, Maryam Bahrami, Tahereh GhaedSharaf, Mohammad Hadi Ghatee, Kenneth R. Seddon, and Steven Baldelli, The Journal of Chemical Physics

Properties investigation of protic morpholinium-based ionic liquids by
molecular dynamics simulation and quantum chemical calculations
Maliheh Pezeshki, Mohammad Hadi Ghatee , Journal of Molecular Liquids


Design, synthesis, and in silico studies of novel eugenyloxy propanol azole derivatives having potent antinociceptive activity and evaluation of their β-adrenoceptor blocking property, Springer, Molecular diversity (2018)

Emergence of innovative properties by replacement of nitrogen atom with phosphorus atom in quaternary ammonium ionic liquids: Insights from ab initio calculations and MD simulations, Elsevier, Chemical Physics 490

Enantiospecific adsorption of propranolol enantiomers on naturally chiral copper surface: A molecular dynamics simulation investigation, Elsevier, Chemical Physics 487

Effective interactions between inclusions in an active bath, The Journal of Chemical Physics 147.19 (2017)


Revisiting conserved charges in higher curvature gravitational theories, Springer, The European Physical Journal C 76.12 (2016)